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When visiting the website, you are obliged to read our Privacy Policy. We may update our Privacy Policy, make some changes or additions, so MarketsPieces recommends you check it from time to time.

Customers who voluntarily provide personal data to MarketsPieces automatically authorize MarketsPieces to use it for storing and processing purposes.

This Privacy Policy defines the manner of processing customers’ personal data, purpose, and terms of its use and storing. Based on the “Law of Georgia On Personal Data Protection,” the goal of MarketsPieces is to protect the customer’s personal data.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of using the MarketsPieces website, and it represents a mutually binding document.


The terms used in this document have the following definitions:

  • MarketsPieces (hereinafter “we,” “our,” “website”) – “MarketsPieces” LLC established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, identification code 405430494, registered address: Tbilisi, N43b, N4a Sulkhan Tsintsadze Street.
  • Personal Data – any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual.
  • Data Processing – any manipulation of data using automatic, semi-automatic, or non-automatic means.
  • Data Subject (hereinafter the user) – any individual whose data is processed.
  • User Consent – user’s expressed consent to read this document and process his/her personal data.
  • Third party – any natural or legal person, public institution.
  • Direct marketing – offering goods and services through mail, phone call, e-mail, or any other means of telecommunication.


Using the MarketsPieces website is considered as the user’s consent to the Privacy Policy. Thus the user grants MarketsPieces the right to process, store, and use the personal information provided by him/her.

The mentioned information will be used by MarketsPieces for the purpose of providing the service, taking into account the applicable law.


MarketsPieces will process the user’s personal data if:

  • There is user consent.
  • Data processing is required for MarketsPieces to fulfill its obligations under the law.
  • Data processing is necessary to provide service to the user.

Purpose of processing the user’s personal data is the following:

  • Improvement of the service quality provided by MarketsPieces;
  • Proper fulfillment of legal obligations of MarketsPieces;
  • Dealing with users’ claims;
  • Monitoring user’s activities on the website;
  • Notifying users about updated data on the MarketsPieces website;
  • Effective communication with customers;
  • Feedback with the users;
  • Test various innovations introduced by MarketsPieces;
  • Introduction of new products and innovations on the website;
  • Defining the user groups to offer new products and services;
  • Implementation of marketing and other kinds of activities;
  • Providing information on purchases made by the user;
  • Obtaining information from an authorized third party about payments made by the user;
  • Prevention of improper use of MarketsPieces system;
  • Prevention of crimes stipulated by the Criminal Code of Georgia;
  • Delivering information to relevant and competent state bodies;
  • Protection of legal interests;
  • Other legitimate purposes granted to MarketsPieces by the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection.


Users have the right to request from MarketsPieces the following information about data processing:

  • What kind of user data is processed by MarketsPieces;
  • Purpose of processing personal data;
  • Legal basis for data processing;
  • Information about the means of collecting personal data;
  • To whom the user data is transferred, legal basis, and purpose of transferring data;

Upon request of the user, MarketsPieces is obliged to correct, update, add, block, delete or destroy data if it is incomplete, inaccurate, not updated or if its collection and processing were carried out by violating the requirements of the law.

In case of violation of the rights stipulated by the law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, the user has the right to go to court or address.

The user has the right to withdraw his/her consent given to MarketsPieces at any time and also request to terminate data processing as well as demand to destroy processed data.


User is obliged to provide MarketsPieces with complete and accurate personal data to receive the service in the future. This obligation also applies to changes in the information made by the user at a later stage.


In order to improve the quality of MarketsPieces service, problem-solving, feedback, and security, incoming and outgoing calls are recorded, stored, and processed.


By using the MarketsPieces website, the user gives consent to his/her personal data and Cookies to be stored and processed by MarketsPieces.

The user is obliged to provide MarketsPieces with complete and accurate information and in case of changes, to update provided data.


MarketsPieces lacks the ability to verify accuracy and authenticity of the data provided by the user, including the user’s age. If it is revealed that the person providing the information is a minor, MarketsPieces is entitled not to take into account the data provided by this minor. If you are aware that the person registered on the MarketsPieces website is not of legal age and does not have the consent of the legal representative regarding the use of the website, please inform us about the case.


We share personal data with our partner courier companies that ensure delivery of purchased products to the address specified by the user. MarketsPieces transfers the following information to the partner courier companies: order details, customer name, surname, address, and contact number. The information provided to the partner courier companies will be solely used for the purpose of delivering the purchased products.

Sharing user’s personal data may be necessary in some cases defined by the current legislation of Georgia to detect, investigate or prevent crime.

Taking into account the interests of the users, with the purpose of delivering promotional materials, offering various interesting services and products, improving service quality, MarketsPieces can use personal data, particularly name, e-mail and phone number for direct marketing. In order to carry out direct marketing, MarketsPieces reserves the right to transfer the aforementioned personal data to third parties that will provide advertising services to MarketsPieces defined by an agreement signed between them.

Except for the above-mentioned, MarketsPieces is authorized to share personal information with any third party stipulated by the current legislation of Georgia.


User is eligible to ask MarketsPieces to stop direct marketing at any time. Submitting user’s request to stop direct marketing does not oblige MarketsPieces to stop providing the user with the information about updates and changes.

In case of a desire to stop direct marketing, the user can contact MarketsPieces via e-mail. This does not mean that MarketsPieces will stop providing the user with other services.


MarketsPieces uses the standard procedure of log files. Like other websites, MarketsPieces uses Cookies. Log files and Cookies are used to store information about user behavior and to improve the service quality. The following data is generated and collected through log files.

COMPILING DATA MarketsPieces compiles information:

• When the user fills out the website registration form • When communicating with the user via telephone or e-mail • When the user uses the website and online chat

PROCESSED DATA When registering on the website, the user provides the following information:

• Mobile number’ • Email • Address • Name and surname • Password for online shopping authorization For registration, the user has to provide the above-mentioned information. Without giving this data, the user cannot be registered on the website.

After selecting products, the user will be redirected to the payment page. On the payment page, the user fills out his/her card data and confirms payment. MarketsPieces has no access to the user’s bank card data. MarketsPieces receives information about the payment made by the user.

PERSONAL DATA RETENTION PERIOD MarketsPieces takes responsibility for the privacy and security of the user’s personal data.

MarketsPieces stores personal data about the user to achieve the purpose for the period stipulated by the law and this policy document.

SECURITY It is important for MarketsPieces to protect the personal data provided by the user. The user’s profile is accessible only through the username and password generated by him/her. MarketsPieces recommends not to share this information with third parties. Otherwise, MarketsPieces disclaims any responsibility.

MarketsPieces applies all measures to protect the user’s personal data. However, it takes no responsibility for actions of unauthorized third parties who may illegally access servers.

THIRD PARTIES MarketsPieces disclaims all responsibility regarding other websites that may be displayed as an external link on the website. The Privacy Policy of other websites may differ from this Policy. MarketsPieces asks its users to read the Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy of the website displayed as an external link.

CHANGES AND ADDITIONS We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to make changes and additions to this Policy at any time. Users will be notified about amendments by email, or they will be published on our website.

Changes and additions come into force once they are published on the website, or users are notified about them by private message. After the changes and additions come into force, the use of the website will be considered as consent to the changed terms.

CONTACT MARKETSPIECES Please contact us at for questions and additional information about our Privacy Policy.